Welcome to polytech2go. This site offers text(pdf), exercises, and multimedia presentations that can be downloaded and used on fixed and mobile devices such as iPods, MP4 players or smartphones.

There are several modules available:

Computer Networks on Embedded Systems (Odroid-U3/XU,Radxa-Rock,..)
Computer Systems on Embedded Systems (Odroid-U3/XU,Radxa-Rock,..)
Internet and Multimedia on Embedded Systems (Raspberry-Pi,Odroid-U3,Tegra K1
High Performance and Multimedia Architectures on Embedded Systems (Raspberry-Pi,Odroid-XU,Tegra K1,Parallella,..)
Hardware Languages - HDL (VHDL, Verilog, ..) and Digital System Integration
Algorithmics and Java Programming on Embedded Systems (Odroid-U3)
Digital Economy

A large number of Embedded Systems are studied and developed in our Smart Computer Laboratory.
Ask for your Study packet including:
- the study text,
- the software and
- the hardware - only for the modules with Embedded Systems
at: bako@ieee.org send mail
You can also download (to your Kindle) the study and exercise texts:
A Practical Introduction to Parallel Programming on multi-core and many-core Embedded Systems
A Practical Introduction to Multimedia Internet on Raspberry-Pi-Odroid-U3

Attention: The site is bilingual (english-french), but some presentations are available exclusively in french or in english.
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